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J. Morrison

Shh!, An Impromptu Live Series
J. Morrison: Soundtrack For A Bunny Dance

Program and Performance:
April 10, 2010

Forever & Today, Inc. presents Soundtrack For A Bunny Dance, 2010, a commissioned performance by New York artist J. Morrison to inaugurate Shh!, An Impromptu Live Series, a periodic series of cross-disciplinary live art events and programs.

"Baby I remember being trapped in that cell thinking we would never escape. Do you remember? When we would play our favorite song on our Walkman over and over like it was the only thing that kept our sorry life alive, the one that kept me from suicide and you crying yourself to sleep every night? I know you do. I know you still sometimes dance alone in your room at night in your underwear wishing for something better, jumping on your bed drunk, praying for something more. So come on play me some Teen Spirit and let's pretend it's April '94 and Kurt's still alive. Or better yet some Bikini Kill and Riot Grrrl and Huggybear. Just fucking turn up the music and act like we just don't care. Last Chance for a Slow Dance. Soundtrack for a Bunny Dance." -- J. Morrison

J. Morrison's multidisciplinary work often encompasses performance as well as installation, silk-screen printing, and bookmaking. Through intimacy and humor, he plays with issues of identity in an open-ended manner, frequently inviting audience participation. Signature color and/or lighting effects and music, combined with simple materials and props are components present within the work that form a connecting motif. In addition to his own work, Morrison often collaborates with other artists, musicians, and performers to present live events such as his most recent project, "Space is the Place," an ongoing series of migratory curated performances devoted to using temporary vacant spaces throughout New York City as a nod to this ever-present sign of the times.

J. Morrison (b. 1977, Cleveland, OH) is a New York-based artist who has most recently been curating and organizing "Space is the Place" (18 collaborations in 2009-2010). Morrison's work has been exhibited at The Art Institute of Boston, Boston (2009); Printed Matter's The New York Art Book Fair, New York (2009, 2008, 2007, 2006); Printed Matter, Inc., New York (2009, 2007, 2006); Forever & Today, Inc., New York (2008); The Rotunda, Philadelphia (2008); Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn (2008); Texas Firehouse, Long Island City (2008, 2007); ISE Cultural Foundation, New York (2007); MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome, Italy (2007); Powerhouse Arena, Brooklyn (2007); White Box, New York (2007); Flux Factory, Brooklyn (2006); KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany (2006); National Gallery of Canada Library and Archives, Ottawa, Canada (2006); MoMA PS1, Long Island City (2006); Exit Art, New York (2006, 2005); Cleveland AIDS Taskforce, Cleveland (2004, 2002); Art Resources Transfer, New York (2002); Florida State Museum, Tallahassee (2002); and Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, Cleveland (2001) among others. His work has been written about in numerous publications including The New York Observer, The New York Sun, The New York Times, Out Magazine, Paper Magazine, and TimeOut New York.

Shh!, An Impromptu Live Series' J. Morrison: Soundtrack For A Bunny Dance is curated by Ingrid Chu and Savannah Gorton.